Preference for hierarchy is related to the motivation to feel less empathy and more schadenfreude towards low status people

Social dominance orientation (SDO)—the tendency to accept and endorse group-based dominance—has been linked with reduced empathy and increased schadenfreude (i.e., pleasure at the misfortunes of others) towards competitive others. Are these outcomes …

The Connection between Hierarchy Preferences and (Counter-)Empathic Responding

Emerging Scholars Presentation at NYU and Princeton

The Relationship between Believing in an Unequal Society and Feeling (Counter-)Empathy

Presentation within the symposium 'Empathy Interventions: Who, What, When, and How?'

Preference for hierarchy is associated with reduced empathy and increased counter-empathy towards others, especially out-group targets

SDO is negatively related to empathy and positively related to counter-empathy in general. When group boundaries are made salient, the relationship between SDO, empathy, and schadenfreude become stronger for out-group targets, even in a novel groups paradigm and only when groups are competing.