Framing, Context, and the Misperception of Black-White Wealth Inequality

In one large-scale experiment using US respondents on MTurk (*N* = 2,899), we studied how subtle differences in framing and context impact estimates of the Black-White wealth gap. Across our 10 different experimental manipulations of framing and …

Race and Sexual Orientation's Influence on Gender Prescriptive Stereotypes

Presentation within the symposium "Existing at the Nexus of Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation".

The Theory of Gendered Prejudice: A Social Dominance and Intersectionalist Perspective

Using the theoretical frameworks of evolutionary psychology and social dominance theory (SDT), this chapter offers an alternative understanding of the intersectional entanglement of racism and sexism. This chapter introduces the theory of gendered prejudice, a derivative of SDT, and posits that a satisfactory account of racism, or what social dominance theorists generalize as “arbitrary-set” oppression, is a deeply gendered phenomenon.